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Privacy Policy

Online privacy is fundamental in the 21st century. It doesn’t matter whether you're browsing for attire or buying erectile dysfunction medicine; you have the expectation, and rightly so, that the privileged information you give to stores remains confidential. That’s why, at australianpharm.com, we take every precaution and quantify measure possible to ascertain your info and data are protected and do not fall into erroneous hands.

Users’ Email

We require a customer (hereinafter referred to as USER) to enter a valid email, full name, physical address, city, zip code, country, and home or mobile phone number upon registration. This lets us facilely send expeditious order conformation notices, inform shoppers regarding any quandaries, ship the products as quickly as possible, and allows consumers access to our newsletter filled with great sales and advice. However, we do not sanction access to this information by selling, renting, or otherwise sharing to any third parties. If you are receiving our electronic mails and desire to be abstracted from the archive, please click on the hyperlink at the bottom of the correspondence which will direct you to be removed from the list.

Australianpharm.com (hereinafter the WEBSITE) takes all the indispensable and essential measures to defend the sensitive information and confidentiality of the USER while they are visiting this WEBSITE, and all possible communications and commercial operations are conducted in compliance with the congruous local and regional legislation. This Policy details the ways of obtaining, accumulating, storing, and preserving any and all private data and information obtained as an occurrence of a purchase or access between DOMAIN.COM and the USER.

Data Process

When a USER visits the WEBSITE, for either purport of carrying out an acquisition of products or getting knowledge, certain information is accumulated by the WEBSITE about use interest and actions. This information includes place and duration of access, the operating system and browser predilection used to access the WEBSITE, activities performed on the WEBSITE during a visitation, and other preferences. Australianpharm.com accumulates this to obtain a full and clear picture of what USERS want of the WEBSITE, and what utilization is being made of it by the USER. All of this information is held securely and is entirely innominate.

Links to Other Websites

The WEBSITE of australianpharm.com may contain links to third-party websites. However, these resources are not under our control and are not covered or governed by this privacy policy. For any queries regarding how any third party uses or manages private information, please check with the individual website's privacy verbalization.


At australianpharm.com we take every step and measure essential obligatory to bulwark private information. When a USER submits any information via the WEBSITE, we ensure that their private data is safeguarded both online and offline.

Any and all private information is encrypted before being transferred to us in a guarded fashion. If you would wish to verify this procedure, look for the little lock icon and the “https” tag at the commencement of the WEBSITE URL.

For offline auspice, we maintain rigorous procedures to safeguard your information. Access to any and all private data and information is rigorously on a needs-granted basis, betokening each worker has to have a concrete reason for attaining each piece of information (eg billing, or availing out an order query). As well, the entire computer and server system in which the data and information are stored is kept in a highly bulwarked environment.

Use of Cookies

In order to maximize usability and ameliorate the buyer experience, the WEBSITE utilizes cookies both during and after performing a transaction. Cookies are minute text files that your browser saves and which sanction for, among other things, the WEBSITE to identify the USER when they next come into the WEBSITE, which avails engender a better utilizer delectation factor and a quicker responsive interface. Cookies are created by nearly every website in the cyber world, and will not interfere with any of your online activity.

Upon accessing the WEBSITE for the first time, a USER will be notified that the WEBSITE uses cookies. Consumers then have the option of accepting the deployment of cookies or leaving the WEBSITE. If a USER wishes to utilise the services and goods provided by the WEBSITE but does not wish to sanction the adoption of cookies, they can navigate to special section in their web browser and disable cookie-related setting.

The most utilizable aspect of cookies, however, is that they can store data and information about goods you have anteriorly visually examined or selected to buy, so if you can’t perpetuate the purchase at that interval, they will be recollected when you return to the site. If a USER integrated specific items to their shopping cart, that merchandise will reappear in their cart when they revisit the WEBSITE. However, if a USER does not want this feature, they are in liberty to efface cookies by simply navigating to the opportune section of their browser and effacing the installed cookies. For example, if a USER is browsing on the Google Chrome application, they can navigate to the “Clear browser data” tab, click on the corresponding cookie label, and expunge.

Payment Process Information

If a USER wishes to perform a purchase from australianpharm.com, they are required to provide monetary information in order for the purchase to be consummated. All data and information pertaining to the financial method utilized by the USER is not kept by australianpharm.com on the WEBSITE and is entirely processed by a secure third-party processing gateway that abides by all current national financial regulatory requisites. All secret information is, and always will be, kept entirely safe by the third party.


All brands and/or logos of medication offered by australianpharm.com on the WEBSITE and their corresponding designs and packaging are the duly registered trademarks, patents, and adjuncts of third party companies. Australianpharm.com isn't owned by any pharmaceutical entity. Some denominations, and logos are owned by the patent holder, for example, the brand-name Levitra is owned by the drug producer Bayer. Other names and labels are generic, for example, Sildenafil and Tadalafil, and can be handled by any company once the patent has expired from the pristine manufacturer.


If you have any inquiries or comments regarding the privacy policy of australianpharm.com, please feel free to connect with us and we will do our best to get back to you as expeditiously as possible with as much information as we can. We see it as our obligation to remain at the top of the field of online pharmacy retailing, and we do this by perpetually being apprised of the latest developments and advancements in our industry, which we are more than jubilant to pass along to our customers.

Changes and Updates

If there are any incipient developments or transmutations in information technology, financial matters, or regulation, australianpharm.com reserves the right to update this privacy policy in accordance with the changes.


The world is an ever-transmuting landscape, especially in the digital sphere. With your privacy rights and privileges outlined in the Privacy Policy, though, you can be sure that you’re purchasing quality tablets online at a fair price without imperiling your privileged information. That's our promise to you.

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